New Student Spotlight: Andrew Liang

Andrew Liang upholds a simple philosophy to his daily life—don’t let your dream stay as a dream. At the age of 14, he decided to move to United States to continue his education. As much as Andrew loves to challenge himself, the new culture and the new environment have presented unique obstacles for him. “ If I dedicate consistent time and effort towards to what I love to do, I will eventually overcome barriers and make things possible.” he says.

When Andrew first started school in America, he can clearly remember the first few weeks of school were rough, having many butterflies in his stomach, while figuring out a comfortable way to communicate with other people and adapt to the new environment immediately. Before passing the standardized test by improving the language, there’s a time he can never forget that he has to sitting in the ESL classroom learning basic English literature for two periods a day and he couldn’t wait to advance to the regular English class.

After all of the experiences and the struggles he has with learning English. He strongly feels “it is important to work hard no matter if you are naturally talented or not.” A new journey began when Andrew started to develop a passion for theatre performance, after he saw his friends acting under the spotlight. He kept on telling himself that it doesn’t matter how much work it required for him to stand on the stage, he is willing to sacrifice all of his spare time for this dream. After all the practices and failing many auditions, the dedication has given him the opportunity to be able to perform for the last three years.

Andrew confidently put down ESF, the dream school, for early decision when it comes to
the time for college application, knowing this is where he will belong to without even visiting the school. He will pursue in landscape architecture for his major at ESF for the next 5 years, as an new adventure and task for him. “I want to be a part of the ESF Ecotones,” he says. “Devoting myself to my passion is what motivates me everyday.”


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