New Student Spotlight: David Loewen

Hello ESF. My name is David Loewen and I just transferred here. I was born in Wisconsin, and lived in Russia for three years as a young child. I’ve actually been to a ton of countries, a few being Egypt, Austria, and Jamaica. I moved to Binghamton in 2001 when my dad got a job at Binghamton University.

I started college at SUNY University at Buffalo, as a mechanical engineering major. I didn’t really want to go to college at first, but I really didn’t want to stay home either. After drifting through most of the year, and making some choices I shouldn’t have, UB and I ended up parting ways at the end of my freshman semester.

I had never heard of ESF before last summer. One night I was playing pick-up basketball with one of my high school coaches. I noticed his shirt said ESF on it, and I asked him if it was a school. He told me his son went there after transferring from Oswego and really liked it. Later I looked it up and it seemed to be a great fit for my interests.  It fit with a lot of the things I valued. I visited in September, liked what I saw, and decided to apply.

Concurrently, I had the next year off from school and had to decide what to do for that time. I made the choice to leave the country October 1st, 2015 and go to New Zealand. In New Zealand, I went to Capernwray ABS (Adventure Bible School), where I went kayaking, tramping, and caving all over New Zealand, just to name a few things. I also volunteered at Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary, helping New Zealand’s DOC monitor the endemic Kiwi bird, monitoring seed fall, and also cutting tracks, giving tours of the forest, and building cool things like pizza ovens and plumbing systems. The coolest thing I probably did there was hold a 14 day old kiwi chick while helping a DOC ranger tag it. I also spent three weeks touring Fiji with a local guide named Lani, through the organization Green Lion, which was amazing as well. I have way too many stories from that time to write about.

While I was in New Zealand it was hard to keep up with college applications due to limited cell service and electricity most of the time, but I got my application. I truly didn’t think I’d be accepted to ESF, but I had a ton of help from Karaline Rothwell, my admissions counselor (she is really amazing), and obviously I ended up getting in.

Now, here I am in my third week at ESF as an Environmental Resources Engineer. I’m playing on the basketball team, I’ve joined some clubs, and have met some interesting people here so far. Somehow life led me here, and I’m thankful for the second chance. I know I’m going to make the most out of all the opportunities here. Go Oaks!


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