New Student Spotlight: Isabella Veeramani

I’m Isabella Veeramani, I live in Malden, Massachusetts, and I will be majoring in Environmental Science as well as planning to minor in Environmental Health. I went to Essex Agricultural and Technical High School, which was later changed to Essex Technical High School. There I majored in Environmental Technology.

I’ve always been the shy and quiet one, especially in high school. I am #1 at relaxing; I enjoy reading, playing video games, listening to music, watching TV and movies, as well as sleeping. Contrary to this, I work hard and always finish assignments. I strive to be the best and I’m the friendly competitive when it comes to academics. I love to make friends and helping others, but I’m really bad at talking to people. I enjoy trying new things that challenge me to think and find learning extremely fun.

More stuff about me is that I’ve traveled a bunch. I’ve been to England, France, and Italy for a school trip, and Indonesia and Singapore. Additionally, I have been to my mother’s home country, Brazil and my father’s home country, Malaysia. I play the violin, badminton, and archery. Recently I learned how to swim.

All my life I’ve wanted to be in the science field no matter. It ranged from zoology to astronomy to marine biology. What got me truly decided on a set career was my friends and experiencing what it would be like to work in the environmental field. A lot of my decisions were affected by my friends. Deciding on ESF was just one of them and I’m entirely grateful for it. Looking into the school made it obvious that this is where I need to be to meet my goals. I hope to receive a Ph.D. in something (not entirely sure in what yet) and become an environmental consultant for the United Nations.


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