New Student Spotlight: Andrew Noble

Hey ESF, I’m Andrew, a freshman majoring in ERE. I was born in a remote village in Alaska named Bethel, but since then, I’ve moved to Eagle River, a town outside of Anchorage. To make things even more crazy, I am a lifelong dog musher, and my family runs a kennel of 22 dogs back up north. Now you may be wondering how I could have possibly found ESF from so far away, but I’ve actually spent a month or two each year in a camp that my grandfather built up in the Adirondacks, so New York was a natural starting point for my college search. My father is from California’s bay area, so I’ve spent a bit of time there as well.

The unique upbringing I’ve had is a defining feature of my life, and I have my parents to thank for it. From getting me my first dog to sending me on trips to New Zealand and Europe, my parents have been incredible in every way. These experiences as well as the ones I’ve had growing up in Alaska and the ‘dacks have shaped me into an avid outdoorsman. At any given time, I’d rather be outside. This summer has been particularly awesome, with backpacking in New Zealand, Yosemite, and Denali multiple times. I’ve also hiked a dozen or so of the Adirondack high peaks, including Marcy a few years back. I’ve been a musher for longer than I’ve been anything else, starting with a one-dog team back when I was four or five, all the way up to seven dogs in my last year of junior mushing two years ago. Can’t forget to mention my amazing sister, who’s completed the Jr. Iditarod, goes to college north of Syracuse at St. Lawrence University, and is a frequent companion on outdoor adventures.

I always preferred math and science over humanities in school, which is the main reason I’m majoring in ERE here. While I originally wanted to go into mechanical engineering, I hope that I can specialize more in that when I attend graduate school. I’ve always been really fascinated by futuristic technology of all kinds, so I’m hoping ERE can catapult me into a career dealing with that sort of thing.

Some of the other things I enjoy are soccer (I’m on the men’s team here at ESF), downhill skiing, speaking German and also playing the saxophone. I also swam for four years in high school. I like to go on runs as well, but I’ve never done it competitively.

I’m excited for my years at ESF, and I hope I can make some great friends and lasting memories along the way. GO ESF!


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