Meet us on the road!

Travel season is upon us in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions!  Our bags are packed and ready to go to meet our next group of little acorns.  Every fall and spring the counselors in the admissions office travels mostly all over New York State and the Northeast.  Recently, we have also made trips to Maryland and Virginia.

Where are we going exactly and why?  To see exactly where we’re headed, check out our travel calendar here.  Our team of counselors and alumni representatives visits various college campuses, high schools and college fairs for about 8 weeks in the fall and 6 weeks in the spring.  This gives you and your family plenty of opportunities to meet with us!

In our opinion, college fairs are very important to the college search process.  Whether ESF is your top choice or at the bottom of your list, you are going to want to keep your options open.   Here are just a few reasons why we hope you take advantage of the next college fair in your hometown.

Explore new colleges

There are thousands of colleges out there.  There is no way you can find them all by searching the internet!  Exploring the isles at college fairs allows you to find schools you have never even heard of and learn more about them.


You likely have a lot of questions at this point in your search.  It may be difficult depending on your work and school hours to take time out of your day and call the office to speak with a counselor.  At some larger schools, counselors may not even be available to take phone calls.  College fairs allow you to get one on one time with a representative to get some of those questions quickly answered.

Save money

Should you take that course through your local community college? What about that AP exam?  Did you plan on visiting?  Would it be worth your time?  College, and college planning, is very expensive for families.  Even though they are quick interactions, briefly speaking with a counselor on the road can help you determine potential ways to save money.  Maybe taking that college course wouldn’t be as valuable as you had hoped for?  Perhaps, visiting the college would be better as an applicant rather than as a prospective student.  These are all important questions to ask!

Narrow your list

Usually as you progress in your college search, your list of colleges you plan on applying to shrinks.  If you’re just starting out, it is likely that the list of colleges you’re interested in is quite long.  By attending a college fair, you’re likely to be able to determine whether it’s a school you want to visit or delete from your list of potentials.

Prepare for a campus visit

Chances are, whoever you met with at the college fair is an admissions counselor in the office and will be there when you visit.  It is important to establish these connections so you have someone to connect with, if you have questions, throughout the application process.  This also prepares you to better understand what questions you should be asking when you visit the college.

College fairs are a great “next step” in the college search process.  Once you attend a college fair and determine where you want to visit, you’ll be searching for on campus events.  We certainly hope that ESF makes that list!  We hope we get the chance to meet you on the road in the next few weeks.  Once we return home, there are plenty of opportunities to come visit us on campus.  To check out our calendar of events on campus, click here.

If you’re at a college fair and see us, don’t hesitate to swing by and introduce yourself.  We would love to meet you!

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions


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