Basketball and Construction Management for a great price

Suthod Young
Major: Construction Management
Graduation date: December 2015
Hometown: Moosup, CT.

I have always been interested in construction. I grew up watching my father work as a Superintendent for a General Contractor in addition to work that he has done on the side. I have worked with him on his side jobs for as long as I can remember. When I graduated high school I went to work for the same General Contractor, Mattern Construction, part-time while I attended community college. Construction management is really the only career I have ever been interested in.

I chose to attend ESF, not only to play on the basketball team, but it was the best value for me and my family. It was actually less money for me to attend ESF than a school in Connecticut. I looked at schools in other areas of the country as well, but again ESF was the best financial option. ESF is also far enough away from home (about 4.5 hours) where I can’t come home every weekend, but it is close enough of a drive where I could go home in an emergency. When I found out there was a basketball team, I was immediately and began talking with Coach Blair. Playing for the team has made a major impact on my experience here at ESF. Not only, has made a huge addition to my experience here at ESF, but I have met some of the closest friends here, attend a school I know will positively impact my future at an affordable price.

Hopefully this works for you!

Thank you for the interest!


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