Summer Vacation = Campus Tours

Name: Taylor Brown
Class Year: Junior
Major: Environmental Resources Engineering
Hometown: East Amherst, NY
What else do you do here? President of Engineers Without Borders, Vice President of ESF chapter of the New York Water Environment Association and Head EcoRep of Centennial Hall

I remember when I was a freshman in high school, my mom told me about this amazing college she found where everyone cared about the environment as much as I did. I couldn’t believe such a place existed, let alone that it was only 2 ½ hours from my hometown.   I did more research online about ESF and had to see this magical place in person. When I visited I fell in love with the campus.  I bought a sweatshirt at the campus bookstore.  I made it my focus throughout high school to be accepted to ESF. Thankfully I was accepted and couldn’t be happier with my decision to enroll here.

One might think that there isn’t a lot going on at ESF during the summer with most of the students gone. I certainly thought that before I decided to live in Syracuse this summer. This summer I am working through the ESF Outreach office as a member of the SCIENCE Corp team. SCIENCE stands for Summer Camps Investigating Ecology in Neighborhood and City Environments. We are educating inner city Syracuse middle and high school students about science and the environment, as well as having fun of course! I have also been working on projects with a club on campus called Engineering for a Sustainable Society. A lot of members in the club are living in Syracuse this summer so we have been building an herb spiral in the university neighborhood and a rain garden for a local family.

taylor brown 2

In addition, I am the president of the ESF student chapter of Engineers Without Borders and we are busy this summer planning the Northeast Regional Conference that we will be hosting in Syracuse November 6th-8th. There will be over 400 students and professional engineers coming to discuss international community development and sustainable engineering. The Sustainability Office has put together a summer team including students, faculty and staff to develop and enhance sustainable programs on campus. My role on the team is reinvigorating the EcoReps program in Centennial Hall, our residence hall.

If you are thinking about visiting ESF, I would highly recommend you do it during the summer. Syracuse is really beautiful when it isn’t covered in snow! Also, there are still students on campus keeping busy with awesome research and projects. If you visit, you might see me on the quad launching water bottle rockets with my science camp.

Taylor Brown 1


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