New on Campus: Gateway Green Roof Signs

P1060966Nothing beats a green roof walk-through with an expert like Don Leopold, but our faculty tend to be busy people.  Now visitors will be able to hold their own self-guided tours using the new signs on the Gateway ‪green roof! 

Thanks to Tim Toland (Associate Professor in ESF’s Department of Landscape Architecture, and co-lead on the Gateway green roof project) who had these signs made, visitors to the green roof will find signs identifying many of the plant species on the roof. Additional interpretive materials will follow later.

For those who haven’t heard, the Gateway green roof project is quite unique in that the plant species selected represent two of the most unusual plant communities in New York State, i.e., the Great Lakes alvar (generally found northwest of Watertown) and eastern Lake Ontario dunes (restricted to a very narrow stretch of natural dunes on the easternmost side of Lake Ontario). Many of the plant species are state-protected and some are quite rare, occurring naturally in just one to a few places in all of NYS. The initial planting was made in December 2012 so we are now in the middle of its third growing season.

The green roof is open to all visitors during regular College business hours. The best time is visit is mid-April through late October, but there always seems to be something interesting happening on the Gateway green roof!



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