A Final Thank You from the Ten Thousand Chestnut Challenge

IMG_8290The Ten Thousand Chestnut Challenge crowdfunder closed this weekend.  Our fundraising goal was $50,000, and your donations added up to $101,911.  Not only is that more than double our goal, but 1911 just happens to be the year that SUNY-ESF was founded.

With these funds, scientists will be able to get off to a quicker, more confident start on the next phase of the Chestnut Project.  Given their goal of growing 10,000 blight-resistant American chestnuts in the next five years, they have plenty of work ahead!

Once more, Thank You to everyone who has supported this wildly successful Ten Thousand Chestnut Challenge! Your generosity is tremendously appreciated by us all, and we are humbled by the sheer magnitude of people who joined in.  Everyone who donated, committed to planting a tree or helped to spread the word about the project: each of you is part of the American Chestnut Project and the restoration of this magnificent tree!

Those who have contributed $100 or more in order to get a wild-type American chestnut tree to plant are already beginning to receive their chestnuts.  If you are still waiting, your seeds should arrive soon.  The packet will include a plastic baggie with peat containing multiple nuts that you can plant, and information on planting and care for your tree.

We are working on setting up a mailing list.  If you did not contribute to the campaign but you would like to stay informed on the progress of the blight-resistant American chestnuts, keep an eye on www.esf.edu/chestnut for information on how to join.  The American Chestnut Project will use the mailing list to send out periodic updates on their progress with the trees, the approval process and their plans for distribution of wild-type and blight-resistant American chestnut trees.  You can look for their first update in the new year!

With deepest gratitude and pride,
SUNY-ESF and the staff of the American Chestnut Research & Restoration Project

student planting teram IMG_0528 NYBG planting IMG_2069 2006 field planting IMG_5956SONY DSC


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